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The Top 7 Twitter Analytics Tools

April 8, 2010

We’ve compiled a list of our top seven favourite tools for analyzing and measuring progress on Twitter.  We use these on a regular basis here at Miss Mediosa to learn which of our tweets are most popular, engaging and interesting to our followers.

1. Tweet Reach – This is a great tool to measure how far your tweet has traveled.  Best if you’re interested in one or two particular tweets.  Copy and paste a tweet that you’re most interested in, and Tweet Reach will let you know how many users the tweet was exposed to – including the people that it reached through re-tweets.

2. Tweet Effect – Use this resource to learn which of your tweets caused you to gain or lose followers.  Tweet Effect shows you the history of your tweets and indicates where and when followers were lost.  It’s a great way to learn which tweets are not that interesting, and which are so interesting that new users have decided to follow you!

3. Twitter Analyzer – A great analytics tools that basically gives you everything you need to know about your Twitter activities.  We’re talking the top occupation groups of your followers, the number of followers in US vs. Canada vs. UK all shown in a follower density map, the number of unique users re-tweeting, the top subjects that you tweet about, your most frequently used hashtags, your followers growth rate.  Lots of valuable information here!  A good overall analytics tool.

4. Klout – Another great overall analytics tool for Twitter.  Klout lets you know whether you’re a Connector, Persona, Climber or Casual twitter user, based on a ranking of your influence and audience size.  It also lets you know who you influence and which twitter users may influence you.  Key statistics include follower mention %, unique @ senders, @ mention count, follower/follow ratio, followed back %, unique retweeters and follower retweet %.  It’s also a great place to monitor your postings, such as the number of links you’ve shared in the past 30 days, the % of tweets containing links, % of tweets containing @, and % of tweets that were questions.  You can also see the average reply count per question.  A really great resource!

5. Twitter Grader – is a great resource for lots of online tools, including Website Grader, Facebook Grader and Press Release Grader.  We use this site the most for their fantastic Website Grader, but their Twitter Grader is not bad either.  Here you can find tips and suggestions for your Twitter account, see your Follower History, and even check a specific username to see if someone is following you.  You receive a Twitter Grade out of 100 based on the power, reach and authority of your account.  Not as many details and statistics as some of our other resources, but a good resource to check on once in a while to monitor your progress!

6. Twitalyzer – Twitalyzer gives you feedback on your Impact, Engagement, Influence, Generosity and Clout.  Each score can be further broken down into more details.  Although we don’t use it religiously, it’s a great tool to check out from time to time to see how your scores have changed.

7. Twinfluence – Twinfluence allows you to see your 2nd-order followers, velocity, social capital and centralization measures.  A great tool if these measurements are something that’s important to you.

Do you have any other great Twitter analytics tools that you use on a regular basis?  Are any of these among your top favourites?

Until next time,

Miss Mediosa

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  1. August 13, 2010 12:30 pm


    We’ve been searching for a twitter metric tool that counts the number of mentions of a particular twitter user (preferably on a week-by-week basis) for a long time now but have had no success. Do you know of such a tool? This would be a great help for us.

    Our agency look after social media campaigns for a number of high-profile artists in the music industry. Currently we resort to manually counting the number of ‘@’ mentions per artist per week and as you can imagine this is a time-consuming, laborious process.



    • October 10, 2011 3:48 am

      Hi Nick, were you able to find such a tool? we’re in need of something similar.
      Kind regards.

      • nick collins permalink
        October 11, 2011 1:02 pm

        Hi Alfredo,
        Tap 11 and Buzzdeck do it but you have to pay for the software. Unfortunately haven’t found anything free. Hope this helps.

      • October 11, 2011 1:11 pm

        Hi Afredo,

        Although I haven’t used it before, “Tweasier” seems to provide a count of Twitter mentions as part of their “Metrics”. I watched the video and was able to see a mention count.

        It looks like also gives a count of @Mentions, but it is also a paid-for service.

        Let us know if you find any other great tools!


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