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Lots of changes in Social Media

April 21, 2010

There have been lots of changes coming to social media this week! Which changes have you liked? Which are you not so excited about? Which have you noticed so far?

Facebook made their big change from “Fans” to “Friends who Like”. We noticed the changes on our Fan Page on Monday. It’s nice to be able to see which of your friends “like” the page as well as how many people in general like it. Somehow it seems like less of a commitment to “Like” a page rather than “Become a Fan” of it – what do you think?

This new feature will also invite you to “Like” some of the things that you’ve mentioned in your Profile.  This will connect you to Pages like your University, your favourite shows and any other interests you’ve listed.  But don’t worry – you ARE given the option to decline these connections.

A common question that we’ve been asked is whether or not those who “like” your page will still receive updates the way that fans did. The answer is yes. If you “like” a page, you’ll still receive everything the way you did as a fan. Although it’s a little confusing, liking a Page and liking a status on Facebook are two completely different things.

Another Facebook change involves the rest of the internet world. Soon their “Share” feature will be found all over the internet, so that you can engage with Facebook from other sites. This is similar to the @anywhere feature that Twitter has been talking about!

For more information about these changes, check out the

Twitter has also made some changes, recently launching their new advertising opportunities. Has anyone seen these new ads yet? Looks like lots of big brands have signed up – including Best Buy, Starbucks, Virgin America, Red Bull and Sony.

Also, their @anywhere feature is finally being released. You’ll start to see connections to Twitter all over the internet soon! This is similar to Facebook’s “Share” button coming to various sites across the internet.  For more info, visit the

LinkedIn hasn’t missed the boat on this one – they’re starting to look more and more like Facebook! Status updates on LinkedIn now include the “Share” button that we’ve all seen on Facebook. Other new options include the ability to remove statuses that you’ve posted, and include links to websites with a picture like Facebook’s links. For more info:, one of our favourite URL shorteners, is also making some changes. 1.3 will make it easier to shorten your links. Another new feature that we’re excited to try out – the ability to search through your past links by typing in a few letters. This should make it really easy to find past links without having to scroll down to the bottom and look through all of your pages of links! There will also be some changes to the custom URLs. For more information on the changes, check out their blog here:

And finally, how about Hootsuite’s latest changes? These are a little older, but Hootsuite now allows you to manage your accounts with multiple team members. This is great for organizations who have multiple staff members managing the accounts. Are any of you getting good use out of these new features?  More info:

Make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and changes. Let us know if you have any questions! 

Until next time,
Miss Mediosa

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