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Top 10 Facebook Tips from The Science of Facebook

June 29, 2010

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We tuned in to the Science of Facebook webinar today, put on by Dan Zarrella of HubSpot. It was an incredibly interesting presentation with lots of cool facts and information about Facebook usage. Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most interesting tips and tidbits of information that we learned from Dan.

1. Videos are shared more on Facebook than they are on Twitter. Dan’s reasoning for this was that people on Twitter are more geeky multi-taskers. They’re looking for short, 140-character information, often at work, and don’t have time to watch videos.

2. Using digits in the title will help get your content shared. Like how we’ve using digits in our title of this blog posting? 🙂 Use specific numbers whenever possible.

3. Content is shared the most on the weekends. Post your content on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and see if you experience more shares than you do during the weekdays.  Saturday is the highest weekend sharing day, and Tuesday is the highest weekday sharing day.

4. A few of the most shareable words on Facebook: Facebook, why, most, world, how, health, top.  A few of the least shared words on Facebook: Twitter, Google, social

5. Use simple language on Facebook, it’s the most shared.  More complex & advanced language is shared less often.  To measure the readability levels of your language, use Microsoft Word:

6. Talk about Facebook on Twitter and on Facebook, but don’t talk about Twitter on Facebook. How many times did you have to read that for it to make sense? 🙂

7. The least liked pages on Facebook include not for profits, education, real estate, health/beauty, libraries, city, cafe, artist and religious organizations.  Most liked include actors, television, musicians/bands, movies.

8. 51% of US companies block Facebook at work. It’s better to catch your Facebook users on the weekends when they have more time. They’re probably not going to sign in on their cell phones just to share your link from work.

9. Sex and positive content are the most shared and talked about topics on Twitter. Dan suggest to “be sexy” if you can!

10. Women have 55% more posts on their walls. Teens mainly focus on the social aspects of Facebook. Know who your fans are! A tool he recommended for measure your audience is Quantcast.

Overall it was a really great presentation, and the discussions that followed on Twitter were a lot of fun.  To check them out, do a search for the hashtag #FBSci or check out the Tweetwall that we’ve created here:

If any of you also caught the webinar, let us know if you have any additional tips to add!  For those who didn’t, I’d strongly recommend keeping any eye out for any other upcoming webinars with Dan Zarrella, he was great!

For more social media tips, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you’re not already!

Until next time,

Miss Mediosa

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  1. Kelly permalink
    June 30, 2010 2:24 pm

    Palo Alto has written a few really interesting white papers with very insightful content regarding Twitter and Facebook they relat to the content discussed here enjoy!

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