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The Step by Step Guide to Twitter for Business

August 23, 2010

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Our brand new eBook is now available!
Step by Step Guide to Twitter for Business
The Step by Step Guide to Twitter for Business outlines all of the major tasks involved with building your brand and your business with Twitter.

This ebook is great for those that are new to Twitter – the screen shots and step by step instructions make it simple to follow along.

Some of the major topics covered include Getting Set Up (Choosing your Username, Setting up your Profile, Designing your Background & Page Components), Your First Tweet (How to Tweet, What to Tweet, Tweet Components), Finding Relevant Followers, Building Momentum, Re-Tweeting, URL Shorteners, Using Twitter Search, Hashtags, Twitter Lists, and How to Monitor Your Progress!

There’s also a Twitter Dictionary that provides easy to understand translations for all of those weird twitter terms like “Hashtag” and “@Mention”.

Did you know that Twellow is like a Yellow Pages for Twitter?  This site lists twitter users by categories, industries, and even by location!  This makes it easy to find local followers, or followers that are directly related to your industry or target markets.

Did you know that Monitter provides the ability to search for three keywords that may be mentioned in tweets, within a certain number of kilometers from your workplace?  A great way to find those hungry potential customers that might be within minutes of your restaurant!

What about TweetReach?  Did you know that you can measure exactly how many twitter users your tweet has reached – including how far it has travelled through re-tweets?  A fantastic measurement tool for Twitter users to monitor their efforts.

Learn about these great resources and lots more Twitter tips and techniques with our new eBook – available now.  Get your copy today! The Step by Step Guide to Twitter for Business

Until next time,
Miss Mediosa

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