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10 Core Elements of Facebook Pages & 9 Companies Doing Facebook Right

September 7, 2010

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We attended a great webinar today put on by Mari Smith ( ) and Mike Stelzner (, called 9 Companies Doing Facebook Right and What You Need To Know. It was a very interesting webinar and showcased a few company pages that we hadn’t visited before! Here’s a quick recap about some of the great techniques that these top pages use, and some more great tips from these two experts in social media!

1. Chick-fil-A
This company does a great job of creating a “mini-hub” and keeping their fans within the Facebook Page for some time before sending them to external sites like their website.

2. Russ Robinson Photography
This company makes great use of the FourSquare Tab (from Place Widget) as well as the fan-only content. Do you have fan-only content on your Fan Page? A great way to create a sense of exclusivity for your fans!

3. 1-800-Flowers
1-800-Flowers asks their fans what they would like to see more of on their Facebook Page with a poll – a great way to get feedback and to ensure that you’re providing content that is truly valuable to your fans. They also have the option to share a virtual bouquet with your Facebook friends – a great way to encourage your fans to help you promote your page and your products! Check out their fun “Guys’ Guide to Flowers” for an example of how to add some unique fun to your page.

4. Creative Invites
Check out the Reviews tab that this company uses. A great way to showcase how well you handle customer service issues, and a great place for your happy customers to share with everyone else how great they think your company is!

5. KOA Kampgrounds
This company makes great use of the YouTube tab from Involver to engage fans by including casual videos from real-life customers.

6. Intel
Intel runs a lot of fantastic promotions and contests on a regular basis. To avoid all of the Facebook regulations for contests, use an app from for your Facebook contest.

7. Firehouse Subs
Another great entertaining video to engage customers. Keep things entertaining and funny if that will work for your brand!

8. Ritz Carlton
This company posts a lot of great facts on a regular basis. They also make good use of photos on Facebook in order to showcase their beautiful properties!

9. Teavana
Teavana has a tea of the week to keep fans coming back to see the latest content. This is a great idea for companies – think of how you can incorporate this into your Facebook page. Could you provide a tip of the week? A flavour of the week? Be creative!

Aside from these 9 Company Pages, the webinar also provided the over 2300 attendees with the 10 Core Elements of Facebook Pages:

1. Choose a strategy that fits your brand
2. Create custom tabs to highlight your products/services
3. Ask interesting & fun questions to get your fans talking!
4. Don’t just create a page, create an experience.
5. Make it fun (activities, polls) to keep fans coming back.
6. Add value (educate, information, provide advice) for your fans
7. Use video to make your page interactive.
8. Take risks
9. Use your page to spread your passion about your brand
10. Publish great content.

Lots of great ideas and techniques to implement into your Facebook Pages!

To see a Tweetwall of all of the tweets during the webinar visit:

To follow all of the attendants who were tweeting with the #FB9 Hashtag in just a few clicks, visit BlastFollow:

Until next time,
Miss Mediosa

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