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Quickie on QR Codes

September 12, 2012

What it is:

A quick response (QR) code is also called a 2D (two-dimensional) code or matrix barcode. The QR code is similar to regular barcodes you see on products in a grocery store except that the QR is 2D instead of 1D and can carry much more information.

How it works:

1. Download a scanner to your smart phone or tablet.
Here is a list of different readers and their compatibility

I have an iPhone so I use ScanLife.

Visit the following link from your mobile phone to download the app or you can get it on your iPhone at the App Store. Scanlife will work on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones.

2. Open the app and scan the QR code.

3. Enjoy whatever it takes you to.

Benefits as a Customer

It is much quicker than clicking through tons of links. If you want to enter a contest or “Like” a company on Facebook you just have to scan a QR code.

Benefits as a Company

QR codes have so much potential! You are able to link a QR code to anything. Link it to a video, a webpage, whatever you can think of. Have them “Like” you on Facebook, or enter a contest with one scan. I believe the biggest benefit is when additional information would be helpful to a customer that is considering purchasing your product. For products that are more complex you can include a QR code right on the shelf or product packaging that explains how to set up and/or use the product. Even for products like hair dye or makeup you could have a 2D barcode that links to an instructional video that explains how to apply the product.

Make Your Own QR Codes!

Visit a website like It is so easy and quick to make your own QR code for free. Just get on Google and check out all the free QR code designers. There are plenty of websites that will charge a small fee and provide more data on how many times and from where a code is being scanned. “Where” could be country for those with international companies. For smaller companies you could set up a unique QR code for each store location or location (shelf or product package) in the store of each QR code for testing.

Here is a QR code to our website:

Miss Mediosa Website

Here is a QR code to our Facebook:

Miss Mediosa Facebook

Here is a QR code to our Twitter:

Miss Mediosa Twitter

Where should you put QR codes?

You can put QR codes just about anywhere! Whatever you do, please ensure that there is reception where you put your QR code so that the user’s QR scanner will work properly.

  • Any print material

  • Grocery carts

  • Menus

  • Reusable shopping bags

  • Restaurant table

  • Shelving

  • Stickers

  • Temporary tattoos

Where should they take the customer?

Please whatever you do, don’t send them to your website homepage. Boring!

  • Give your customers something of value.

  • A coupon or a bonus offer.

  • “Like” a company on Facebook.

  • A free giveaway such as a game or an app.

  • Instructions on how to use or apply a product.

Don’t forget to track!

If you’re using the free 2D barcode designers make sure to use a URL shortener in order to track your scans! You can use a free website like in order to shorten your URLs and track the scans. If you have multiple advertisements or store locations you can always set up a different 2D barcode for each location.

Here’s a great example to get some friends on Facebook. 😉

Barcode Shirt

If you want to see some more creative ways to use QR codes check out the top 150 QR code stories of 2010

Need help with 2D barcodes? We’re always here to help! Let us set up, manage, and report progress on 2D barcodes for your company

Have you seen any interesting uses of QR codes?  Please share examples in the comments below.

Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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