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1 Billion Reasons Why Your Company Should Have A Facebook Presence – Facebook Reaches One Billion Users!

October 4, 2012

Have you heard the latest news?  It has been announced that Facebook has officially reached over one billion users!  Wow!  In honour of this milestone, we figured today’s blog post should feature one billion reasons why your company should have a Facebook presence.  Then again, that kind of post would take so long for us to write that you probably wouldn’t see it until Facebook reaches 2 billion users.. so we figured we’d stick with the top 5 reasons your company should have a Facebook presence.  Here they are:

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have A Facebook Presence:

#1 Facebook Helps Boost Exposure For Your Brand

As long as your Page is set up and managed properly, Facebook is going to allow your company and brand to be seen more often by more people (hopefully a highly target audience of potential customers or clients).  This will help to achieve top of mind awareness for your brand — for those of you who studied marketing, we all know how important that is!  Maintaining an effective Facebook Page will allow you to connect and communicate with your target market on a regular basis.  You can let your fans know about new products or services, company news, and other valuable topics that your audience will find helpful or useful!  If nothing else – this exposure is going to help your brand recognition – which can be very important for companies that aren’t as well-known. 

#2 Facebook Allows You To Conduct Market Research

Thinking of releasing a new product or service?  Considering making some tweaks to the products or services that you currently offer?  Looking for ideas on new products or services that your customers and potential customers are looking for?  Facebook can help with that!  Be open with your fans – they’ll be happy to provide feedback!  Let them know about the new models, colors, or features that you’re considering and ask which features they would be most excited about.  That sure beats forking out a ton of money for market research, doesn’t it?  And at the same time, it helps build your relationships with your audience and show the personal side of your brand!

#3 Facebook Can Be A Great Customer Service Tool

Use your Facebook Page to respond to customers’ complaints, comments, and feedback!  Get real opinions from real people on what your company is doing well, and where you could improve.  Never leave these comments unanswered.  It’s important to respond appropriately, and quickly!  In this day and age, people are using Facebook constantly and they’re looking for a quick response!  Listen to their concerns and help find solutions to their problems as soon as you can.  Customer service is an incredibly important aspect of the social media world, and it is often over looked.

#4 Facebook Allows You To Socialize With Your Customers & Prove That You’re Human!

Facebook has provided an opportunity for businesses and brands to connect with their customers and potential clients on a whole new level.  We’re now able to communicate with our audiences in ways that were not so easy or possible before.  Show the human side of your brand when you’re using social networks!  Don’t fill your Timeline with self-promotional posts.  This is a huge mistake.  Use this opportunity to really connect with people and BE SOCIAL!  Respond to comments, ask questions, build relationships!  That’s what social networking is all about.  Do this in a professional way that coincides with your social media strategy, and you’re set!  I don’t know about you – but I’m much more likely to purchase from companies that have made a personal connection with me and have shown me that among all of their customers – I matter!  Make your customers feel important – what have you got to lose?

#5 Facebook Is FREE!

Newsflash: Facebook is free!  It doesn’t cost you anything to get set up or to manage your account.  Now, if you’re not familiar with social networking, don’t have a background in marketing or social media, and/or don’t have a social media strategy in place, spending a little bit of cash to get set-up and running PROPERLY wouldn’t be the worst idea.  In fact, we highly recommend it, and hope that you’ll contact us to give you a hand!  But aside from the outsourcing or consulting costs that you may incur (which don’t require big budgets anyway) Facebook is an extremely inexpensive way to connect with your audience, promote your business, and drive more traffic to your website or physical location.  And hey, who doesn’t love FREE?!  

We want to know — do you have any other “top reasons” to add to our list?  We could go on all day – and we probably actually could provide you with a billion reasons, but we’ll stop here 🙂  Overall, Facebook can be a great place for your brand – just make sure that it matches with your goals & objectives, and make sure that your target audience can be found on this network.  Of course, Facebook is not right for EVERYONE and in no way are we trying to say “jump on there & make some money!”, like some of the other companies and news sources out there are trying to encourage.  Refer back to your marketing strategy, and get a social media strategy in place in order to determine whether or not Facebook is really worth your time and energy.  If we can help in any way, please get in touch.  If you have any other reasons to add to our list, please respond in the comments below.  We’d love to hear what you think!

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Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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