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5 Easy Ways to Promote Social Media Accounts

October 24, 2012

1. Your Website

Please do not put your social media account information only under the contact us section of your website or at the very bottom of the site. It’s important that these icons are on every page of your website as a client or potential client will not always start on the homepage of your website coming from a search engine. Aside from your website, you can also add share icons to your blog. These can make it easy for visitors to share an article or important information from your blog or website via social media or email depending on how you have the icons set up.

Here is a photo of the home page of our website. As you can see in the red box below we have our Facebook and Twitter icons. These icons appear on every page of our website. We also have our newsfeeds from Facebook and Twitter directly on our homepage.

Miss Mediosa Website

2. Email Signature

This is a pretty simple but effective one. Think of how many emails you send a day, and multiply that by how many people are in your office. That’s a lot of exposure for your social media accounts! Also, when you’re making comments on a blog don’t forget to login with your social media accounts if applicable.

For example:

That was such an interesting article. Do you think this would work for retail companies as well?

-Alix from Miss Mediosa

“Like” us @

Here is my current email signature for example. This is a very simple email signature. You can get creative but keep in mind some email programs and devices are not set up to receive html emails and only receive text.

Email Signautre

3. Cross Promotion

Your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and any other social media channels or online accounts you use should include information for your other social media accounts.

The example below is one of our clients Shop America Club’s background that shows icons of more locations they can be found online. Twitter backgrounds aren’t clickable so you should include the URL if possible shown below.

Shop America Club

If you want all of your links in one place try This site allows you to do a biography on yourself and add all of your social media icons and/or links. I would recommend that you use URLs when adding links to this site so that you can track how many clicks they get from this resource.

4. QR Codes

Make it easy for people to “Like” your page. If you give them the URL they have to open their browser, type it in or click on the link, then “Like” your page. Alternatively, if you have a QR code set up, they can scan a QR code and go right to a “Like” button. You could also have a coupon once they click “Like” to get them into your store. Linkify allows you to display a coupon once they click “Like” to thank them. The QR code could be displayed on any printed material and promote any social media channel you want people to be directed to.

The images below are made using Linkify.

Likify QR Code for Miss Mediosa

Likify iPhone Miss Mediosa

5. Print Material

Print material includes pretty much anything you could ever imagine that’s not online. Of course it’s important to include you social media account information on your business cards but you could even include it on something “Like” a t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Here is an example of one of our clients Stepping Stone & Tile’s lawn sign and car magnet. They both look great and let their clients know that they’re on Twitter and Facebook.

Stepping Stone & Tile Yard Sign

Stepping Stone & Tile Truck Sign

Besides the promotion ideas above never forget word of mouth! Always mention what social media channels you’re active on. What methods of promotion have been effective for you? Have any other ideas? Leave your comments or questions below.

Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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