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Pinterest Business Pages Are (Finally) Here!

November 14, 2012

Pinterest Business Pages

Today Pinterest announced new features, including Business Pages!  These pages are free of charge, and they actually don’t appear to be all that different from the regular personal accounts that were available before.  Along with these new pages come new terms and conditions, just for businesses.

Convert Your Existing Account

Did you already have a personal account set up that you were using for your business?  Not to worry – Pinterest makes it pretty simply and painless to convert your existing account to the new Business Pages.

New Pinterest Widgets

Two new widgets have also been added, making it easier for businesses to incorporate the Pinterest buttons on their websites to increase followers.

The Profile Widget allows you to show 30 of your latest pins right on your website.  You can customize your image width and your board height & width.

The Board Widget allows you to show up to 30 of a specific board’s latest pins right on your website.  You can customize height & width in the advanced settings for this widget too.

You can also use the Pin It and Follow buttons on your website, of course.
Product manager Cat Lee says that Pinterest is hoping to add more tools and features. 

Pinterest Case Studies

Pinterest has also posted some new case studies that you can check out, including information about Jetsetter, Etsy, and Allrecipes.  For more information you can also check Pinterest’s Pinterest For Business Board.

Get Verified

In case you missed it – back in October Pinterest also introduced a new website verification feature.  This allows you to verify that you own the site on your Pinterest profile.  You can access this in your Pinterest Settings.  Once verified, users will see a small red check mark similar to the blue check mark that we see next to verified accounts on Twitter.  This verification badge helps people find high-quality sources of content.

What do you think about the new changes?  Was it worth the wait?  We’re hoping to see some data and stats for Pages as soon as possible!

Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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