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Social Media Tips & Tricks for Real Estate Agents

November 23, 2012

Social media channels provide a way to drive traffic to your real estate website so that  people can learn more about you, your company, your real estate philosophy and your current listings.

Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. If you’re going to list your home with a real estate agent do you pick the one that just uses MLS and a print ad, or do you choose the one that does the above and uses their social media channels for the listing? Which one do you think goes out to a larger audience?

Having a strong presence on social media provides you with the opportunity to offer more exposure to your listing clients.  Highlighting the value added service of advertising a listing on multiple social networks in addition to the usual MLS and/or print ad listing can help you stand out in this industry.

We have put together a list of tips and tricks for realtors to consider when developing and managing a successful social media presence:

1. Realistic Expectations

Although it is entirely possible, your main goal here should not be to close a deal over Twitter.  Your main goals should be to strengthen relationships that already exist and build new relationships. You will do this by creating a level of trust with followers and fans. This is also an opportunity to show your real estate expertise, and to increase your exposure to a new and wider audience. Using social media allows you to stay top of mind when past or potential clients are looking to buy or sell.

2. Post Topic Ideas for Realtors

Some major reasons real estate agents should be on social media are to build relationships and show potential clients your expertise in your field. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is being too self-promotional.  If your plan to set up a Facebook Page and simply auto-post all of your listings and open houses and nothing else, don’t bother.  This won’t build trust, build relationships, or show your expertise.  When considering your strategy for the types of content you will share, it’s important to refer back to your goals and objectives, your services, and your target markets.  It is extremely important to have a social media strategy in place in order to have a successful social media presence.

There are many different kinds of content that you can post in addition to your open houses and listings.  If you have a passion for architecture, design, interior decorating, or any other passions related to real estate make sure to share these passions via your social media channels.

If there are particular neighbourhoods that you focus on be sure to make posts about the areas, where to go, and what to do. This will attract those looking to move into those areas.

Be helpful! In return for a user’s “like” on Facebook, or “follow” on Pinterest or Twitter, it is important that you provide them with valuable advice and content.   You should provide information on real estate trends and what they mean for the area that you work in.

Include property tour videos or virtual tours on your social media accounts to show your current listings. Provide your fans and followers with neighbourhood profiles and walkability scores in order to show your expertise in the neighbourhood of their interest.

I can’t stress enough – it’s important not to be too self promotional. No one is interested in seeing a new listing posted every 5 seconds if they’re not currently looking for a house. Make sure you mix it up with valuable material, upcoming events in their areas, and home owners tips. Don’t be afraid to show some humour. Share examples of MLS errors, typos in descriptions, and listing photos that show something they shouldn’t are always enjoyable.

For Sale By Owner

3. Websites You Should Know

Facebook – Facebook makes it easy to keep in contact with your clients and potential clients. Encourage your fans to share their real estate questions on your timeline so that you can provide some advice.  If there are questions that your clients commonly ask, share those answers on your timeline as well. You should also post material as discussed above. It’s important to build a targeted fan base and to use the page to strengthen relationships with others in the industry such as contractors, movers, mortgage brokers, and other homeowner necessities.

Twitter – Twitter allows you to contact those of your clients and potential clients who favour Twitter over other social media channels. The posts on Twitter can be similar to your Facebook posts; however, your character use is limited, and photos and videos will show up as links.

LinkedIn – Set up a profile and list your credentials. You can connect with colleagues and clients and have them endorse your skills and expertise.  You can also have happy clients leave testimonials for others to read. There are lots of groups you can join related to the real estate industry or your location. This is another great place to post material. – Use to set up a bio and provide your contact information and profiles all in one spot. Learn more about from our post here:

YouTube – Post videos touring your listings. You can also use One Load (TubeMogul), which allows you to upload to multiple video sites without having to go to each site individually.


Meetup – Going to a Meetup from is a great way to meet potential clients. If you’re interested in golf or rock climbing you may meet a potential client with similar interests. You can set up your own group or Meetup which is a great way to share your expertise with others. Why not host a meetup at a restaurant or coffee shop for first time home buyers or another niche you’re targeting. Learn more about Meetup from our post here:

Pinterest – Pinterest allows you to make “pinboards” or groups of photos that can be repined (shared) or liked by other users. This is a great place to showcase photos of unique houses you are currently listing, photos of recommended renovations to increase resale value, tips for getting your house ready to show, and any other household tips. Learn more about Pinterest Business Pages from our post here:

houzz – is a website that is similar to Pinterest, but focuses more on interior design and architecture. It is an amazing library of photos, ideas, and articles focused on architecture, interior design, renovations, and more. You can even share your own photos and ideas. If you have an interest in design, or architecture this is a great way to share your interest with others and grow your network. It’s a great resource for photos and articles to share on your Facebook Page and other social networking accounts.

ActiveRain – This is a social networking and marketing platform that is specifically designed for the real estate industry. They have over 1.5 million articles posted which also provides great information to share on your other social media accounts.

Walk Score – Walk Score helps you find a place to live that is walkable, the higher the score the more walkable a place is. It provides a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. In keeping with the trend of being green and living healthier lifestyles, why not provide a walk score for each of your listings?  This is also a great tool to use to help buyers and new homeowners learn more about the area they are moving to.

Walk Score

Blogging – If blogging is part of your strategy, there area number of sites you could use to set up and manage your blog.  Two of the most popular blogging resources are WordPress ( and Blogger (

Visit our website to learn more about what we can do to help grow your real estate business. Get a free social media quote for Realtors today!


Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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