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How to Engage Your Fans and Followers

December 5, 2012

You’ve built up your Fans and Followers and now you want to make sure you retain them. Here are some quick tips on how to get and keep them engaged.

1. Use Photos

Use photos in your posts as much as possible!  Posts with photos stand out. They are also more liked and shared than videos, or just plain text.

Next time you’re on Facebook scroll through your news feed. You’ll start to notice that the posts that catch your attention are those with photos.


2. Ask Questions

Don’t just post an article and say “here’s an article”. Take a stance and don’t be neutral. Say here is an article, this is my opinion, and then ask a question, such as “do you agree”? Open-ended questions are always good to get conversations going on Facebook and Twitter.

Victoria Secrect

3. Keep it Short

Yes, there is a character limit on Twitter but that does not mean you need to fill it. People are busy… yes even if they are on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t waste their time reading extra words that aren’t required to receive your message.. Keep it short and simple to get your point across and keep your readers’ attention.

4. Interact with Fans & Followers

You can’t expect your Fans and Followers to be engaged unless you’re engaged and you show it. Be sure to answer every single comment, post, question, and complaint. If it doesn’t need a response, be sure to “Like” or retweet it.

5. Stop Being So Self-Centered!

Dropping Fans and Followers like flies? Scan through your past posts and tweets. Are they all self-promotional or do you have a perfect balance of self-promotional messages and providing engaging content that isn’t directly related to you and your company? If your answer is more self-promotional, you should start including a larger variety of content to your fans. Talk about the industry, about tips and tricks of the trade, or what charities you support and make donations too.  Ask your fans and followers what type of content they want to see.  Put yourself in their shoes and think about what types of content would be useful and valuable to them.


6. Timing is Key

If you are providing products or services to customers who are working Monday – Friday, do you think they are interested in thinking about work and your product or service on a Saturday? If you said yes, please take a vacation. The answer is NO! You need to understand your target market and when they are using social media. Also, if some of your fan base or follower base is located across the world or even just across the country, it’s always important to consider time zones as well. Remember it’s okay to make a few posts a day in order to catch everyone’s attention. Just don’t over do it.  You should be measuring and tracking in order to calculate the optimal posting times for your accounts in order to reach as many fans and followers as possible.

7. Promotions & Contests

Promotions, giveaways, and contests are always a great way to excite and engage your Fans and Followers. Be sure to check and follow the rules and guidelines set out by Facebook. Not playing by the rules can have you kicked off of Facebook indefinitely.

Tell us – how do you engage with your fans and followers? Are there any brands that you follow that are doing a great job engaging? If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments below.

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Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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