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How to Talk the Social Media Talk

January 3, 2013

Have you ever been talking in a group of friends or attending a meeting where you are bombarded with social media jargon you know nothing about? Here are some tips and tricks to help you talk the talk.

1. Facebook

Page – This is a public profile for a business, brand, or celebrity.

Timeline – This combines all of your previous status updates with any public posts that your friends have sent to you (or tagged you in), and places them all together chronologically in one place.  The content that is visible on your timeline may change based on your Privacy Settings.

Newsfeed – This can be found on your home page once you have logged in to Facebook, and shows all of the Most Recent or Most Popular posts from your friends or Pages that you follow.

Cover Photo – The large graphic at the top of your Facebook Page or Profile.

Profile Picture – Overlapping your cover photo on the bottom left hand corner. For a personal profile this should be a photo of yourself, for a company this should be a photo including your logo. Your Profile Picture will appear next to your posts as a thumbnail.

TabsTabs are the custom squares directly beneath the Cover Photo and above the Timeline. These can be customized to give your fans direct access to important information without having to leave Facebook. For example, tabs can be coded to allow Facebook users to book a hotel room, make a dinner reservation, place an order, etc. These tabs can also be “fan-gated” so that the content is only available to those who have “liked” your Page.

Photo below:

1.Cover Photo

2. Profile Picture

3. Tabs

Miss Mediosa Facebook Page

Like – A Like is when you click the thumbs up icon under a comment or photo. A “like” is also be a Fan for a Facebook Page.

Post – A message made on a timeline or Facebook Page.

Comment – A post that is made on a Facebook Page, Timeline, or under another comment or photo. You can type in a response directly below each comment, or you can “like” that comment.

Chat – Private instant messaging over Facebook to friends.

Facebook Chat

Private message – A message or post that is directed to one individual, multiple people, or a group. Which is not public or viewable by those it wasn’t sent to.

Share – To re-post a comment or photo that a friend or Page has posted. When you share you can share onto your own timeline, on your Page, on a friend’s timeline, a group you belong to, or in a private message.

Facebook Share

Check-in – A check-in allows you to tell your friends that you are currently physically visiting a specific store or location. This is a location based post through a mobile device or computer using your current location. Businesses may offer incentives, rewards, or offers for check-ins.

Friend – A Facebook user who you are connected to their profile by invitation. “Friends” is the term used for Personal Profiles, while “Fans” or “Likes” are used for Pages.  Friends are users that you are connected to with your Personal Profile, and must be added and accepted by invitation.

Group – This is a community of Facebook users that promote, discuss, or share ideas, values, and topics. Groups can be private or public.

Trending – These are the most talked about topics that are currently being discussed on Facebook and will show up on your newsfeed.

Tag – People and/or companies (Pages) can be tagged in photos or posts. If they are tagged this will appear on their timeline or Facebook Page.

2. Twitter

Hashtag – These are categorized Tweets by keyword or phrase (without spaces). These hashtags show up on Twitter searches as well as Google and any other search engines. Hashtags are clickable so that users can easily view all tweets related to a specific topic, for example, #Halifax or #Christmas.

Follow Friday – #ff – This is a commonly used shorthand hashtag that stands for Follow Friday, used on Fridays to suggest who users should follow.

Trends / Trending – The most popular Tweets on Twitter atm (at the moment). 🙂

Follower – A Twitter user who is following you. This means that your tweets will appear in their feed when they are logged in to their account.

Following – A Twitter user who you are following.

Retweet – Forwarding or re-posting a Tweet that has been Tweeted (posted) by another user.

Authenticity – This is a verified account on Twitter, proving that the user is actually who they say they are. Twitter accounts for celebrities and public figures are often verified to prove that they are not fake accounts. These accounts have verified Twitter profiles with the symbol below.

Twitter Verrified

3. Other

Viral – This also may be referred to as “Buzz marketing” refers to marketing or brand awareness that is delivered word of mouth, via the internet, or another vehicle to spread a message to an endless number of people.

Hootsuite – This is a social media application that can be used to manage multiple social networks and provides the ability to schedule your posts, or post to multiple networks at once.

TweetDeck – This is a social media application that can be used to manage multiple social networks and provides the ability to schedule your posts, or post to multiple networks at once.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is the visibility of your website or brand on search engines. Including paid and un-paid (organic results).

Need more help? Visit our website here: Got any other terms you’re unsure about?  Leave them in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to explain.

Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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