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Social Media Measurement Tools for Your Business

February 20, 2013

Your social media strategy should outline which social media metrics and data are most important to track in order to reach your goals, but we’d like to list a few great social media measurement tools that can be used for various types of tracking – all of which are free!

Free Social Media Measurement Tools

Facebook Insights – Of course, Facebook’s Insights are a great way to get some insight into who your Facebook audience members are and how they are responding to your content.  Aside from just the regular Insights summary that you see in your browser when you’re logged in to Facebook, you should also use the “Export” feature to export your data as an excel spreadsheet.  This gives you a chance to see data that is much more detailed and it can be manipulated in various ways to get the exact numbers you’re looking for.  You can export the data from the “post level” or “page level” – we recommend doing both.  Facebook also allows you to choose the date range for the data.  It’s a great idea to export this information on a regular basis so that you have a backup copy just in case!

Twitter Measurement – You should manually check on your @ Connect tab on a regular basis to see who has re-tweeted your content or @mentioned you on Twitter.  This section also shows anyone that has favourited your tweets or added you to a list.  It’s a good idea to visit this tab regularly and take note of any important information.

Pinpuff – Pinpuff gives you a “Pinfluence” score as well as reach, virality, and activity scores based on your Pinterest account.  The site also provides a great summary of the number of boards you have, number of pins, number of repins, etc. but one of our favourite features is the table at the bottom that shows you in an easy-to-digest format a summary of all of your boards (up to 20 boards).  The table breaks it down to show you the number of likes, number of repins, and number of followers for each board.  This is a great way to quickly and easily see which boards and pins are getting the best response.  It saves you a whole lot of counting!

Google Analytics – Google Analytics provides SO much information – it could be a blog post all on its own!  One of the great features you should be using on a regular basis is the “Traffic Sources” section of Google Analytics – which will let you see how many visits each month (or over any time period that you choose) have come from Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or YouTube.  Take note of this number on a regular basis when you’re putting together your metrics reports so that you can keep an eye on any spikes or dips over time.

SocialBro – SocialBro is a Google Chrome app that provides you with a ton of information on your Twitter followers.  This is a great place to check out the most popular time zones and geographic locations of your Twitter followers.  You can also see the languages that your followers speak, any new followers or recent unfollows, and more.  SocialBro even groups your followers in to categories including “Famous Friends”, “Not Following You Back”, “You Aren’t Following Back”, “Inactive Followers”, “Influential Followers” and “Newbie Followers”.  Another feature is the “Best Time to Tweet” section which creates a report for you and suggests the best time for you to tweet in order to reach more followers.  All of this is available with the free version.  The pro version provides even more data!

Social Mention – Social Mention is an online reputation management tool that will allow you to see what is being said about your brand across blogs and other places on the Internet.  You will see if the sentiment towards your brand is “positive”, “neutral”, or “negative” (or a mix of the three) and you can also see the top hashtags, keywords, and sources.  Social mention also provides a summary of the time since your brand was last mentioned, the number of unique authors, as well as reach, strength, and sentiment scores.  Make sure to set up the email alerts to get keep a pulse on what is being said about your brand.

Klout – We caution you to not get too fixated on this one!  Some people really go crazy over their Klout score, and obsesses over bringing it up.   There is certainly a lot of controversy around the credibility of this tool.

Kred – Similar to Klout, Kred measures your influence across social networks.  You can sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get your report.  Kred gives you an influence score and an outreach level.  Within Kred, you can also checkout your Top Locations, Top Communities, and 30 Day Follower Count.  Kred also shows your most influential posts as well as who shared them and how the posts have affected your influence and reach scores.

TweetReach – A great tool to see how far your tweets have travelled.  Just copy and paste a tweet you have recently posted and see how many people it has reached.  A great tool to measure specific contest promotions. – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… shorten your URLs and measure your clicks!! is a great resource for shortening URLs, and provides great information on the clicks that your unique URLs have seen.  Not only the number of clicks, but the dates that the link was clicked and the referrers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) AND the location – so you can see if the content is reaching the people that you want it to.  Make a habit of using this tool regularly!

MyTopTweet by TwitSprout – An easy way to quickly see which of your tweets got the most re-tweets over time.  Spits out a report with your top 10 tweets.  Sure beats counting! 🙂

Marketing Grader by Hubspot – This is a great way to see how your website, blog, and social media efforts are all working together.  The report also shows where there is room for improvement.  We love the feature that shows the average time between tweets.  It’s also great to see how often your blog posts are tweeted or shared on Facebook (on average).  Just enter your website and you’ll get a free report!

What are your favourite measurement tools?  Share them with us in the comments below!

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Untill next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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