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Role of the Social Media Manager

July 18, 2013

I’m sure you’ve asked before, what does a Social Media Manager do? What does that title actually mean? Here is a quick rundown on the Social Media Manager position.

First of all, let’s go over what a Social Media Manager is not.  A Social Media Manager is not just someone who has a Facebook account and knows how to use it. There are a billion users, including parents and grandparents, who have Facebook accounts and know how to use them – this does not make you a social media expert. Social media is a constantly changing and constantly evolving industry where everything can change in an instant.

A Social Media Manager’s role includes everything from a customer service representative, brand manager, customer complaint handler, and customer satisfaction manager just to name a few.

Here are just a few of the important items a Social Media Manager should handle:

  • Social Media Strategy – A strategy should be in place prior to setting up any accounts to ensure that time, money, and energy is spent where it is needed.  The strategy should be developed by an experienced Social Media Manager or someone with experience in successful social media techniques.

  • Setting Up Social Media Accounts – Your Social Media Manager should get you set up on all of the appropriate networks for your business. This includes your main accounts to be managed on a regular basis, as well as the placeholder accounts that should be set up.  They should have experience with custom Facebook tabs to make your page stand out from the competition. Aside from main accounts and placeholder accounts, you should also be set up with important resources and tools that will help with the management and measurement of these accounts. The Social Media Manager should have experience in the field and know which types of accounts are right for your business – Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile, Pinterest Business Account, Google+ Page vs. Profile, etc. They should know the appropriate places for keywords and set up the accounts so that they are optimized for search engines to help achieve a successful search engine presence.

  • Online Advertisements – Any online advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads should be set up and managed by your Social Media Manager.

  • Content Development – Your Social Media Manager should research and develop the content to be used in your postings.  Their background and experience in social media should allow them to know when to use keywords, shortened URLs, hashtags, tagging, and how to properly structure your posts to get the best exposure and highest response. Depending on the structure of your business, your Social Media Manager may also involve your marketing team, category managers and other members of your team in order to provide your fans and followers with relevant and useful content.

  • Online Reputation Management – Responding to any questions, comments, or complaints online will be another important responsibility of your Social Media Manager. This should be done everywhere online, not just on the social media accounts. In order to track your online reputation there are number of different tools and websites that your Social Media Manager should be familiar with, including Google Alerts.

  • Targeted Fan and Follower Building – Your Social Media Manager should have experience building a highly targeted fan base. Your target markets should be clearly identified within your social media strategy so that the appropriate audiences are being targeted.

  • Social Media Backup – All social media efforts should be backed up on a regular basis by your Social Media Manager.

  • Reporting – Your Social Media Manager should track important statistics in order to measure your progress on social media. Reports should be provided to key team members and management.

There are many other responsibilities that the Social Media Manager may be responsible for including blog management, running successful contests (following proper Facebook rules & regulations), location based tweets, outbound interaction with other pages/accounts/etc, Pinterest pins, event/in-store integration, Instagram, staying on top of latest changes (and making changes to company accounts to suit new layouts/versions/etc), keeping an eye on what your competition is doing online, keeping an eye on emerging networks, seeking out niche networks that might work for the company, etc. – there are many more responsibilities not included on the list above.

Social Media Manager

If you are hiring a Social Media Manager make sure to ask the right questions. Some key questions include:

1. Examples and links to accounts that they have set up and/or managed.

2. Results of accounts they have managed.

3. What social media tools they use including publishing, monitoring, and analytics tools or sites. Don’t be concerned if this is a long list! There are no perfect tools out there yet and many different sites and tools are required in order to put together an extensive report.

4. How do they measure success?

5. How will comments and questions be monitored?

6. How do they stay ahead of the social media curve?

If you’re hiring someone on contract, be extremely clear (in writing) about which tasks they will be responsible for, and which tasks will be handled internally.

If you would like to have an internal staff member handle your social media efforts rather than outsourcing, we highly recommend ensuring that the staff member is well trained in social media techniques and tactics. We provide social media training in the form of private one-on-one sessions. Contact us for your FREE social media training quote today!

Unit next time,

Miss Mediosa – Social Media Management

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